When most people think coffee, they think of a hot, dark beverage to give them energy. But a vast range of coffee types are available at Fresh Farms grocery in Chicago, from light to dark roasts. Understanding the differences between the various coffee levels can help anyone find the perfect brew for their morning cup of joe.

Light Roast

The lightest level of coffee available at Fresh Farms is their light roast. These are the most mild of all coffee varieties and have a light brown color to them. The light roasting process preserves many of the original flavors of the coffee bean and results in a more delicate profile in the cup. The light roast is typically the most acidic of all the roasts and can be quite fruity and bright.

Medium Roast

Next up is the medium roast, which is slightly darker than the light roast and has a fuller flavor. The medium roast still has a bright flavor, but it also displays a greater depth of flavor with notes of cocoa, nuts or caramel. It typically has a nice balance of aromas and flavors and often has a slight sweetness.

Dark Roast

For those looking for a bolder cup of coffee, a dark roast is the way to go. This is typically the darkest of the roasts, producing an espresso-like color with a rich, smoky aroma. The dark roasting process brings out more of the oil from the coffee bean, giving it a darker looking cup and a smooth, full-bodied flavor.

What’s The Best Choice?

Ultimately, the decision on which level of roast to choose comes down to personal preference. Light and medium roasts tend to have a brighter profile and are ideal for those who prefer a more delicate and complex cup of coffee. Dark roasts are bolder and spicier, and are perfect for those who need a higher energy kick to get going in the mornings.

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No matter what level of roast you prefer, there’s something for everyone at Fresh Farms grocery in Chicago. So don’t be afraid to try something new – you just may find your new favorite cup of joe.

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