Are you looking for a way to make a fresh start for spring and create more space in your pantry? As the warmer weather slowly draws near, and you’re looking for ways to reorganize and revamp your pantry, we got you covered. Here’s a look at some of the best tips for organizing your pantry this spring to make room for more delicious home meals.

1. Empty and Sort Through Existing Pantry Items

The best way to get organized and create more room is to start by sorting through all of your existing pantry items. Take everything out of your pantry, wipe down the shelves and decide what needs to stay or go. Donate any non-perishable items that you have in excess or have not used in awhile. Throw away cans with expired or swollen lids, and make sure to get rid of any food that has been in your pantry for longer than 6 months.

2. Visit Fresh Farms Grocery for Pantry Essentials

After deciding which items need to stay and go, now’s the perfect time for a shopping trip to stock up the pantry! Fresh Farms grocery in Chicago has an amazing selection of pantry items that are sure to become essential staples for creating delicious meals. Check out our aisle full of spices and herbs to try out seasonal recipes. You can also pick up non-perishable items like sauce and canned tuna, as well as a variety of grains and nuts to stay healthy and full.

3. Utilize Organizational Tools & Make Clean-Up Easier

Pantry makeover doesn’t stop at simply buying items and filling the shelves. Invest in organizational tools like a sticky bowl holder to use on the doors or a simple tiered rack or shelf divider to help you divide different types of items. Using clear containers or mason jars is also a great way to store items like grains, nuts, and other pantry staples. It also makes them easier to find and access. Labeling each container also makes it a lot easier to find and clean up the pantry when needed.

By following these tips, you can easily create more space in your pantry for healthy and delicious staple items from Fresh Farms grocery in Chicago. From sorting through existing items to utilizing organizational tools, you can take advantage of what this season has to offer and create a pantry that you’ll be proud of!

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