You won’t always find the stuff you need for sushi when you head to the nearest grocery store. So, it’s good to know where you can look around for a higher chance of finding what you need.
Are you gearing up for a Fourth of July celebration around the corner? If so, you may want to consider healthier options that work for everyone, including the kids!
With the perfect Fourth of July drinks, you can take your summer party to the next level. Moreover, you get to make sure everyone has a fun time.
So, what drinks should you consider making? Here are a few suggestions to start with!

Berry and Lemon Water

The berry lemonade drink is a recipe you have probably seen a few times already. For this, you make basic lemonade and top it off with berries for extra taste.
But if you want a healthier twist to it, you may want to consider using lemon water as your base! Compared to actual lemonade, it helps keep you hydrated while offering a range of nutrients.
Once you have your water ready, add a few red and blue berries into the mix and serve with ice.

The Healthy Mocktail

When it comes to Fourth of July drinks, you are likely to think of berries, lemons, and other similar fruits. But have you ever considered a beet juice base?
Beet juice offers lots of benefits, from boosting your stamina to improving your blood flow and pressure.
Create a healthy mocktail by mixing beet juice, ginger beer (which is non-alcoholic!), and orange or pineapple juice. Top it off with the berries or other citrus fruits of your choice for extra color and flavor.

Party Punch

Punch is a simple and easy refreshing drink to offer during a Fourth of July celebration. Moreover, you can figure out different ways to turn it into a healthier option without taking away the fun.
For this recipe, you can start with a blue raspberry or cranberry juice base. Take a cup full of ice and thin slices of orange, lemon, or lime.
Pour the sweeter drink as slowly as possible. Carefully layer the next drink to give it a gradient effect. You can stick in a Twizzler as a straw or keep it as it is.

Tri-Colored Smoothies

Smoothies are a fun way to put ingredients together while keeping them in theme. To make a tri-colored smoothie, here’s what you can do.
You will need to make three different mixes for each layer. Consider adding fresh and ripe produce and honey to keep it as healthy as possible. You can also choose any milk of your choice.
Make one blend with any fruits, one with strawberries or other red fruits, and one with blueberries. If you want to make the color brighter, consider adding a drop of food coloring.
When you finish, stack them together in a jar or cup and set them aside to serve!

Enjoy These Healthy Fourth of July Drinks with the Whole Family

Fourth of July parties are a great way to get together with friends and family for a good time – and it gets even better with the best drinks and food! Alcoholic beverages are a staple for many, but if you have lots of kids around or want to keep it casual, you can consider healthier options. This way, it stays fun and keeps everyone refreshed in the heat.