If you’re looking to celebrate national french fry day, you might want to take it to another level. What better way to do it than by preparing different types of french fries?
Generally, fries are potatoes cut and fried in various ways. Even so, it feels different depending on how you prepare it. You can also keep it healthy based on the cooking method.
But before that, you might ask, what are your options? Here are the types of french fries you can consider.

Traditional Cut Fries

Traditional or straight-cut fries are the typical ones you can find in almost every fast food chain, restaurant, and grocery store. They can vary in length, but they usually have a uniform shape and thickness.
Most believe that traditional cut fries have the perfect features to keep the outside crispy and the inside soft but cooked well. It’s also easy to pair with different dips and sauces.

Shoestring Fries

If you want to try something on the thinner side, shoestring fries are the best choice. These also make it easier to have as finger food because of how light it feels.
Because shoestring fries are thinner, they are likely to cook faster. So, you can get that perfect crunch without the soft potato inside.

Waffle Fries

The main characteristic of waffle fries is that they look like mini waffles but instead they’re made out of potatoes. It means they have ridges and small holes, almost like chips.

The shape and texture makes it fun to eat and easier to hold. So, you can dunk it into sauces and dips with ease or add toppings onto them without worrying about them falling off.

Curly Fries

Curly fries are one of the best ways to add fun to your potatoes, especially if you’re serving them to kids. They wind in a way that resembles curls or a pig’s tail but usually come in the same width as traditional fries.
You can end up with lots of shapes and sizes because of the way they are cut. Even so, it takes a while to make yourself so many recommend buying them from the store instead.

Crinkle Fries

Crinkle cut fries fall under the same category as waffle fries since they also have ridges. But instead of being flat, they follow the typical fry shape or thicker.
Most of the time, crinkle cut fries are shorter but add a fun texture to your meal. The ridges also make it easier to pick up condiments and toppings!

Steak Fries

Steak fries are often a thicker cut than others. Because of this, they don’t offer a crunch as much as others. Although with the right cooking style, you can still give it a satisfying crispy shell.
You might mistake steak fries for potato wedges because of their similar thickness and style, but they have a different shape. Potato wedges have an oversized figure that gives it a different feel after cooking.
Even so, steak fries are one of the easier fries to make at home. But since it doesn’t crisp all the way through, you want to pick fresh produce for better flavor.

Cottage Fries

Cottage fries are basically a homemade and french fry way of making potato chips. They come in a round and flat shape, making it perfect for packing with toppings.
When you buy them, you might notice they have ridges on the sides. However, you can make them at home by slicing a potato in discs and frying them up!

Try Different Types of French Fries for Every Meal

Enhance your potato experience during special occasions or simple dinners with different types of french fries. Not only does it make the meal better, but it also adds texture and flavor. You can even have it as simple finger food with an extra twist!