Traditional Lunar New Year Foods to Eat in 2022 You Can Find at Fresh Farms

Sweet glutinous rice cake (nian gao)

Most commonly known as nian gao, or “year cake”, it is a sticky rice cake that portrays prosperity. This also symbolizes raising oneself taller in each coming year.

Whole Fish 

According to the Chinese, fish is one of the seven lucky foods to eat to ring in the New Year. It is said that whole fish dishes are especially fortunate than easy-to-cook fillets.  This has been a staple every New Year Celebration and it is believed to welcome prosperity for the entire year.

Whole Chicken

A whole chicken is also present as part of the new year meal as it is said to represent family togetherness. Some believe that chicken is also a New Year’s revival because it is high in protein.

Dumplings (Jiaozi) 

These round dumplings represent wealth because their shape is reminiscent of ancient Chinese money. Gold coins are placed in one of the dumplings so that lucky guests can be found.

Tangerines and Oranges 

The Chinese words tangerine and orange are similar to the words luck and success, respectively. Brilliant colors also symbolize gold, so fruits have the meaning of bringing good luck and wealth.

Candy and Other Sweets 

Sweets like dried fruits and candies are very common as Lunar New Year snacks as they symbolize a sweet life.

Spring Rolls

While you are used to eating Spring Rolls all year long, this is one of the New Year’s favorites. The golden cylindrical-shaped rolls represent gold bars — which symbolize wealth

These traditional foods for Lunar New Year can easily be found at Fresh Farms, which is an international market that offers international products and has four locations you can pay a visit to.

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