Best International Snacks You Can Buy at Fresh Farms

Fresh Farms made access to international favorites snacks easier! Nowadays, looking for your favorite snacks from overseas has been easy-peasy through the help of international grocery stores, or through online stores with just one click away.

International snacks that can be found in international grocery stores come in various selections, ranging from items that can be located in gas stations down to the ones you can only find online internationally.

Here’s a list of the international favorites that you can find easily in international stores such as Fresh Farms:

1. Tim Tams

This yummy treat is originally from Australia is a total favorite and probably the most popular. It is a chocolate biscuit with a mouth-watering combination of biscuit and delicious filling, coated in real chocolate.

2. Ferrero Rocher 

Ferrero Rocher is popular Italian produce named after its creator Michel Ferrero. If you are a fan of hazelnuts and chocolates, you will surely enjoy this ball of sweetness made from Italy as it consists of a real hazelnut center, gooey surrounds, a wafer shell, and a dusting of nuts encased in premium chocolate. This treat is also known for its gold wrapper which is normally seen every Valentine’s day.

3. Godiva Chocolate 

Originally from Belgium, this treat is perfect for people who prefer sweeter salty dark chocolate snacks. Belgium has been known for its massive production of luxurious chocolate. Apparently, Godiva is America’s most famous Belgian chocolatier.

4. Stroopwafels 

Fresh from the Netherlands, Stroopwafel is a treat made of mouth-watering caramel syrup filling called “Stroop” as they call it in Dutch, which is filled in between two thin layers of freshly baked dough.

5. Pocky Biscuit Sticks 

Ezaki Glico’s original recipe for Pocky was a simple combination of thin bar-shaped biscuits covered with smooth chocolate from top to bottom. The target market for snacks that set this trend was young women looking for light and practical snacks on the go. Limited editions appear from time to time and they are always quite interesting.

6. Takis Fuego 

This snack from Mexico is rolled tortilla chips with a bite of lava, as you munch with its extremely hot flavor, it is without a doubt that it has been taking over the globe. Its intense flavor is a combination of hot chili pepper and lime.

7. Lindt Chocolate 

When we talk about Switzerland’s chocolate, Lindt Chocolate will surely be the first thing that comes to your mind. It is absolutely an irresistible treat with its rich and savory milky taste.

8. Plantain Chips

Plantain Chips or also called chifles, mariquitas, or chicharritas, are chips made from thinly sliced green-yellow plantains that are deep-fried until crisp and golden and sprinkled with seasoning to taste. They are a popular snack not just in Africa, but also in Peru and Ecuador, and other parts of the world.


Being able to taste the flavors of the world from one store at once is really convenient. International stores are a great help in times you crave international snacks. Fresh Farms is always there to serve you with your international cravings so you won’t have to worry about traveling miles and miles away.

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