Winter is finally here and that means so is the bounty of hearty winter produce like kale, potatoes, carrots, apples, and more. But which winter fruits and vegetables can you expect to find on your trips to the grocery store in Illinois? In this blog post, we’ll explore the variety of fresh produce staples found throughout grocery stores in the state during this season. We’ll also discuss how to free up mealtime creativity with easy-to-make recipes that make use of winter ingredients. So grab a bag of grapes from the produce aisle because it’s tito me explore all that seasonal winter fruit and veggies have to offer in Illinois!

One of the most popular winter fruits you may find in Illinois is apples. The state is full of orchards and stores selling a variety of fresh options from sweet to tart, crisp to soft. Apples are perfect for making pies and cobblers, as well as being used in smoothies and salads. If you want to get creative, try making festive apple cider donuts or homemade applesauce as a side for your next meal.

Potatoes are another popular winter vegetable found in Illinois grocery stores. You can find them in different varieties from waxy potatoes that are great for boiling to starchy potatoes perfect for roasting. Potatoes are the unsung hero of the kitchen – they’re versatile and go with just about anything. Try making mashed potatoes, french fries, potato pancakes, or even scalloped potatoes for a delicious side dish.

Next up is kale, which is a leafy green that comes in several different varieties. Kale is a powerhouse vegetable full of vitamins and minerals like vitamin K, vitamin A, and calcium. It’s perfect for soups, stews, salads, smoothies – even chips! You can also use kale to make pesto or sauté it for a healthy side dish. From Tuscan kale to curly kale, you’ll be sure to find a variety of fresh options in Illinois grocery stores during winter.

Carrots are also a popular winter vegetable you can find in Illinois grocery stores. They’re sweet, crunchy, and packed with nutrients like fiber, vitamin A, and potassium. Carrots make for an easy side dish – just roast or steam them and season them with your favorite spices. Or get creative with carrot cake, carrot muffins, or even homemade carrot chips.

Finally, don’t forget about winter squash! This vegetable comes in a range of varieties like acorn, butternut, and spaghetti squash. Squash is full of vitamins and minerals and can be used for just about anything from soups to casseroles. Try roasting, steaming, or sautéing it as a side dish, or even make squash pasta or lasagna for an easy weeknight dinner.

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So get cooking! With such a wide variety of winter fruits and vegetables available in Illinois grocery stores, there’s no excuse not to enjoy seasonal produce this winter. And if you need some ideas for recipes, don’t worry – we’ve got you covered. Visit any Fresh Farms location now to pick up everything you need to make delicious, healthy meals with seasonal ingredients. We can’t wait to see what amazing dishes you create!

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