Food Trend: Making an Appetizing Charcuterie Board

Appetizers are the first thing guests eat at the start of a party. The very trendy charcuterie board is a perfect centerpiece for spreading light meals. It’s as impressive as a charcuterie board looks, but it’s also very easy and cheap to make.

A magnificent charcuterie board with meat, cheese, fruits, crackers, and jam is the ultimate starter to feed the crowd.

Where does its name come from?

Charcuterie is a French word for a store that sells preserved pork products such as salami and ham (also known as deli). However, charcuterie boards often contain sausage products, as well as cheese, olives, nuts, dried fruits, and other spices.

What are the ingredients you can normally see on a charcuterie board?

  • Charcuterie

Charcuterie is a general term for cooked meat. This includes bacon, sausage products, pâtés, ham, and other kinds of meat. You may also add Salami which is most commonly used for this board. This will provide divergent tastes and flavors on the charcuterie board. You can also add chicken liver pâté, copper, Jamon, and gypsy ham, which are also good choices.

An equitable charcuterie board is made up of 3-5 different types of meat, depending on how many people you need to serve.

  • Fruits

Fruits create a great combination with salty meats, and it is indeed great to have a fresh element on your charcuterie board. You may also include preserved or dried fruits aside from the fresh ones. Top fruits favorites are cherry, berries, grapes, and melons.

  • Pickles and preserves

Despite the abundant cheese and meat, the acidity of pickles is absolutely still welcome. Likewise, preserves add a great sweetness to the board and go very well with both charcuterie and cheese.

  • Cheese

Cheeses are actually not a requirement for charcuterie boards, but it is added naturally. Cheeses such as blue cheese, soft cheese (like Brie and Camembert cheese), and firmer cheese are all welcome to be part of this delicious board. Gruyere, Havarti, Appenzeller, Raclette, Cheddar, and Parmesan are all great choices.

  • Crackers/bread

Such shared boards welcome sliced ​​baguettes, breadsticks, and crackers of all kinds.

Try adding buttery, flaky crackers and grain crackers together with your bread. Water crackers are also tasteless, so you can make other charcuterie flavors shine. Moreover, you can place them in a fun way. Some are stacked, some on the sides, and some in a fan shape.


In making a charcuterie board, there are no absolute rules. You can add anything you want on your own board, depending on your preference and the meat ingredients you will be adding mainly. Designs will also vary as every board comes in their unique styles.

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