Delicatessen: Definition and History

A delicatessen, also known as a “deli,” is a store where customers can buy ready-to-eat items such as cold cut meats, sliced cheeses, sandwiches, breads, salads, and much more.

Delis aren’t usually associated with fancy, complex dishes, but Americans can’t get enough of them. So, what is it about delis that we adore? Discover more by reading on.

Massive Taste Despite Simple Ingredients

It is without a doubt that we all enjoy the convenience of picking up a pound of cold cuts or a five-minute sandwich on our way home from work, there’s something else about our favorite delis that keeps us coming back for more. That something is of high caliber.

Purchasing meats and cheeses from a deli is not the same as purchasing them from a supermarket. Deli meats and cheeses are sliced fresh on the spot, preserving as much of the product’s original flavor and nutrition as possible.

Delis almost always get it right when it comes to sandwiches. Not only are the ingredients fresh and often prepared from scratch that morning, but they’re also combined in a way that brings out the best flavors and textures of each ingredient. That’s why, at popular delis, you may have to wait a long time to order.

History of Deli in the U.S.

Delis originated in Germany in the 18th century and were introduced to the United States in the 19th century by Jewish immigrants. Due to the deli’s friendly atmosphere and convenience, family-owned delis grew in popularity in northeastern and Mid-Atlantic cities. The deli’s popularity skyrocketed between the early and mid-twentieth centuries, and it quickly became a fixture in major cities such as New York and Philadelphia.

Nowadays, deli has evolved into a major foodservice category, as well as a standard section of the grocery store. Delis has also expanded its menu to develop its own selection of “special” items, including hundreds of freshly prepared dishes and side dishes.

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