Best Groceries to Stock Up in November

November is a great month to stock up on groceries! Not only are there plenty of sales and deals to take advantage of, but the weather is getting colder and people tend to start cooking more at home. Here are some of the best things to buy in November for your grocery shopping list.

  1. Baking ingredients and supplies. The holiday baking season is right around the corner, so now is a great time to stock up on baking essentials like flour, sugar, butter, eggs, and chocolate chips.
  1. Canned goods and dried foods. Canned fruits and vegetables are typically cheaper in November, as they tend to go on sale for Thanksgiving. Dried foods like pasta and beans are also good to stock up on, as they will last for a long time in your pantry and can be used in recipes all winter long.
  1. Meat and poultry. As the weather starts to get colder, people tend to eat heartier meals more often, including things like stews and roasts with meat. This means that prices for meat and poultry products typically drop during November because people are less likely to want them when the holidays roll around. Stock up now to save money later!
  1. Holiday food items. In addition to stocking up on traditional Thanksgiving fare like canned cranberry sauce or turkey broth, you may also want to buy seasonal treats like peppermint bark and gingerbread cookies. These items can be expensive when they’re in high demand, but you’ll often find bigger discounts on them during November.
  1. Frozen foods. In addition to stocking up on winter fruits and vegetables like apples and squash, consider buying frozen foods for your meal prep this season. You can thaw frozen fruit for smoothies or stir-fries, or use frozen meat to make soup or casseroles in the slow cooker. Plus, with these things readily available in your freezer, it’ll be easy to take advantage of any last-minute sales or deals that arise!

If you are looking for a way to save money on groceries this November (and all year long), keep an eye out for grocery store coupons and online discounts. Shop at any Fresh Farms location to find the best deals on the things you need most. We often have great sales and specialty products that can’t be found in big-box stores. Happy shopping!

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