Basic Ingredients in Pastry Dough Making

The nature of most baked goods is light, airy, flaky,  buttery. Each pastry begins with a combination of ingredients and is made using a variety of ingredients, mixing, and baking techniques.

Some gluten formation is essential for puff pastries, but all strands of gluten must be coplanar to give strength to the horizontal sheet. This is where folding and rolling techniques come in handy.

So let us share with you the basic ingredients for the pastry dough-making process.

  • Flours

Wheat flour is the only flour that contains gluten and is essential for confectionery as the dough can be stretched and expanded in the oven. Different types of flour are suitable for different baked goods. Dough flour ground from soft wheat is ideal for thick shortcrust pastries and refrigerator dough.

Regular short crusts and chou pastries require all-purpose flour, a mixture of hard and soft  wheat, with sufficient gluten content to make the dough elastic yet soft.

To make a fluffy puff pastry, we recommend a mixture of all-purpose flour and low-gluten cake flour. Strudel and Philo dough should be made from tough, high gluten bread crumbs that can withstand stretching into large, thin sheets.

  • Fats

Fats in the form of butter, margarine, solid vegetable fats, lard, or vegetable oils play several important roles in the production of baked goods. The fat not only adds flavor but also coats and separates the flour particles, helping to smooth and soften the pastry.

Since fat is not absorbed by other ingredients, it acts as a spacer and contributes to the pastry’s flaky feel. The way fat is incorporated into the dough affects the final texture and depends on the type of pastry. Whether the fat is creamy, cut, rolled, or melted, it should be evenly distributed throughout the mixture.

  • Liquids

Water and milk are the most commonly used liquids in pastries, but orange and lemon juice, creams, eggs, and other additives can add flavor and texture to pastries.

The liquid begins the development of flour gluten. During baking, the liquid turns into steam, which helps acidify the pastry. The amount of liquid used affects the softness of the dough, as well as the type of fat and flour.


Pastry has been an important part of our daily lives due to its nutritional value and here at Fresh Farms, we offer ingredients that you will be needing in making pastry dough. And in case you don’t have time to make one, we also offer already baked goodies that you can choose from.

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