A Guide to Choosing The Best Quality Meat

Meats are one of the most common main ingredients you can see in recipes, and getting the best quality of meat is really important to ensure that it is safe to be eaten. So here are tips to help you secure excellent meat in the grocery stores.
Check the Information on the Label

In everything, even if it is not meat, we must always check the information on the label that will help us specify important details of what we are buying. Usually included on a meat label are: the name of the item (if it is a beef, pork, sea foods, or chicken), the name of the cutting style on the meat, the weight per pack, the price, and the manufacturing date and the date it should be consumed. Inspection stamps can also be found on packages of meat that means that the meat of that animal is for human consumption, technically means that the meat passed the inspection.

Using of Your Senses

Your sense of touch, smell, and site are also needed when buying meat and poultry. It is a must to ensure that the meat is firm to touch, as well as ensuring that the package is fully secured from holes or tears. With the sense of smell, you must make certain that the meat doesn’t have any foul odor.

  • Pork

The pork should be pinkish-red, the fat should be white and there should be no darkening. Avoid choosing light-colored meat.

  • Beef

For a good quality beef, it should be bright cherry in color. When the beef is in a sealed bag, the color is usually dark purple red. It turns bright red as soon as it touches the air.

  • Lamb

Choosing the best lamb available  is often a difficult choice. Lambs are less common than other types of meat, so many  do not know how to make  informed decisions. The color of the lamb should be  pink to red  and the fat or marbling should be white.

  • Poultry 

Regardless if you’re choosing packaged chicken or turkey, it should look pale pink, with a little white  fat,  little or no odor, and is soft and moist. If you see pink, the chicken is fresh. If the chicken looks grayish or translucent, the meat may be there for a while and it is not fresh anymore.

Find and Get Your High-quality Meats from Trusted Stores
Purchasing meat from highly reputable suppliers is something you should bear in mind. One of them is Fresh Farms that sells the best quality meats, such as USDA choice beef, organic poultry, veal, lamb, pork, and sausages.

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