Featuring a variety of international and ethic items, our wide selection offers our customers an opportunity to shop as if they were back in their homeland. Offering an array of organic, gluten-free and natural items permits our customers the option of eating a healthy lifestyle.

The next time you decide to visit one of our locations to shop for groceries, let your eyes wander upward towards the abundance of international flags hanging from the ceiling – they are more than just decoration, they are part of our DNA. The items you will see in our grocery section are hand-selected to meet your standards, so keep an eye out for new products as we are always adding to our selection.

Fresh Farms is proud to present an abundance of products sourced from around the world. Each location focuses on the community it is part of and intends to supply items that mirror that specific local area. Our grocery managers and procurement staff travel around the world attending international trade shows in order to locate items yet to be sold in the United States. Importing products from regions such as Central & South America, Asia, Middle East, Europe and Africa allows our customers to become creative when putting together their cuisine.