Let’s talk about a beloved Italian-American tradition that brings family and friends together on Christmas Eve– the Feast of the Seven Fishes. This elaborate seafood feast has its roots in the Roman Catholic practice of abstaining from meat on the day before important religious holidays. Over time, Italian-American families transformed this tradition into a wonderful celebration filled with treasured recipes, quality bonding time, and keeping time-honored customs alive.

Feast of the Seven Fishes

The Feast of the Seven Fishes is all about coming together on Christmas Eve to prepare and gorge on a meal featuring seven different seafood dishes. The number seven has religious meaning, but some families opt for more or fewer dishes depending on who’s gathering around the table.

Seafood variations differ by region and family traditions back in Italy. When immigrants brought this feast to America, new ingredients and cooking methods let folks expand the seafood options even more. You’ll often find dishes like baccalà (salt cod), shrimp scampi, fried smelt, seafood salad, and more being served.

No matter the exact recipes, this is a fest meant for slowing down to savor both the food and each other’s company. It’s a chance to gather with loved ones and appreciate delicious treasures from the ocean.

Seafood for Christmas Eve

Because gatherings like the Feast call for the best seafood out there, demand skyrockets for fresh, top-quality fish and shellfish leading up to Christmas. Special occasions mean folks want awesome ingredients like wild-caught shrimp, fresh lobster, Dungeness crab, and sustainable fish.

By supporting responsible suppliers with sound global sourcing, we get to enjoy these seafood treats while protecting precious marine environments at the same time. Seek out seafood companies dedicated to sustainability and supporting coastal communities worldwide that depend on fisheries.

Planning Your Christmas Eve Seafood Feast

Hosting your Feast of the Seven Fishes lets you create lasting memories while keeping Italian-American holiday traditions thriving. When prepping this event, embrace simplicity and flexibility – this frees up more time to gather around the table and laugh with the people you care about.

When it comes to menus, pick recipes that let the fresh seafood shine without too many elaborate sides. Mix classics like shrimp scampi along with new dishes to get the conversation flowing. Quick but flavorful prep like baked cod, cioppino stew, and seared scallops satisfies without needing extensive kitchen time. Round out the spread with salad, garlic bread, and wine.

While hunting for awesome seafood, no need to overspend. Take advantage of holiday sales on premium fish and shellfish for your gathering. If time permits, check deals at local fish markets or reputable local seafood markets. Invest in the best and freshest you can afford while keeping your budget reasonable.

Most of all, focus more on joyful connections over perfection. Make your guests feel warm, welcome, and like family.

Ordering Great Seafood for Christmas Eve

Finding fantastic quality seafood helps make your feast memorable, but getting premium ingredients can be tough. Check supermarkets and fish vendors for seasonal catches like wild shrimp, fresh scallops, and responsibly sourced cod. Don’t dismiss frozen either– done right, frozen fish like salmon and halibut still taste amazing and have great texture.

When possible, pre-order seafood to get the best selection, since popular stuff sells out fast during the holidays. Talk to your local fish seller or market manager about reserving premium seafood ahead of time. This also prevents last-minute panic if stores run short on Christmas Eve.

While buying seafood, watch for holiday sales and specials to save a few bucks. Get stuff like mussels, clams, and crab legs in bulk if you can – this lets multiple hosts split costs for large gatherings. Use any extra seafood for appetizers or next-day dishes. Properly stored, premium catches can fuel multiple meals all season long.

Above all else, don’t stress over perfection – take a deep breath and focus on the joy of togetherness. When surrounded by loved ones, any fresh seafood becomes five-star thanks to the festive company.


This Christmas Eve, help time-honored traditions like the Feast of the Seven Fishes live on. Sourcing awesome sustainable seafood means future generations get to keep enjoying this beloved Italian-American ritual. As you gather around the table this year, focus on the ultimate gift– cherishing those around you in the holiday spirit.

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