If you’re running out of healthy food options at home, you should consider going to the grocery store to stock up so that you won’t have to settle for delivery or takeout. Preparing your own food allows you to minimize using unhealthy ingredients like monosodium glutamate, limit the amount of fat and sodium for each meal, and take full control of meal times with your loved ones. Come to Fresh Farms–we have more than just a wide assortment of food options for you. We are here to offer you the best healthy food ideas for the family: from the young children to the working adults.

Why Buy Groceries When You Can Order Takeout?

Perhaps you’re asking why we promote buying at the local grocery store as opposed to ordering takeout. This is because in today’s fast-paced lifestyle, there has been an increase in unhealthy dining options. From dine-in to take-out and delivery, there’s a wide range of fatty, salty, greasy food you should be avoiding. You’re better off preparing your own meals using best quality ingredients.

Thankfully, there are also many healthier options to choose from when you visit the grocery. Here are some of them:

1. Fresh Fruits

Fruits are packed with nutrients such as vitamins and minerals that are essential for healthy everyday living. They are also delicious and can give artificial snacks out there are run for their money. Instead of buying chips and other snacks that are loaded with unhealthy sodium and fat levels, stock up on fresh fruits you can eat at home and when you go out of the house.

2. Freshly baked breads

Bread is a staple everywhere. You can find bread in sandwiches, paired with pasta, served with jams and jellies, or eaten by itself. It’s cheap, delicious, filling, and gives you the carbs you need for energy. Drop by the nearest Fresh Farm and choose from our selection of breads: from Polish Rye bread, to Russian cakes, to the Eastern Mediterranean Galaktoboureko.

3. Healthy dairy products and eggs

Milk is loaded with calcium which is essential to bone health. Fermented, milk becomes the food item loved the world over—cheese. Fresh Farms has a huge selection of dairy products and cheeses sourced from other places around the globe. We also have an assortment of fresh eggs you can use for your cheese omelettes, French toast, and more.

4. USDA-approved meats and seafood

We at Fresh Farm are proud of our meats and seafoods section. We offer a wide selection of USDA-approved pre-packaged meats—whether you are looking for imported meats like Rocky Mountain bison, or locally grown, organic free-range chicken, we have it. We also offer carefully hand-selected fish and seafood sourced from locations around the world, including Mediterranean sea bass, Scottish salmon, Spanish octopus, even baby shark and corvina fillets. We have it all for you.

5. Freshly-made sushi sets

Fancy eating Japanese sushi instead of U.S. beef for a change? At Fresh Farms, we prepare hand-made sushi on a daily basis to ensure freshness and quality. And because they’re fresh, you can expect great textures and flavors. You can customize your favorite sushi rolls, or choose from our signature selections and take them with you for a quick, satisfying meal. Who says you need to go to Japan to enjoy great sushi, when the nearby Fresh Farms Market branch has them for you?

6. Delicious poke bowls

Fancy visiting Hawaii but can’t find the time to do that? Don’t worry—we’ve got fresh poke bowls for you. Fresh Farm’s poke bowls use the freshest of fish and other ingredients (like avocado, carrots, cucumber and mango) for the best possible taste, flavor, and texture. All you need to do is get a poke bowl, pay for it, and eat it.

7. Detox juices

If you’re looking for a delicious drink but don’t want to ingest loads of calories, sugar, and other ingredients, then you should consider getting yourself some of your freshly squeezed fruit juices and smoothies. Visit our juice bar and ask our baristas so they can prepare a healthy serving for you. These are packed with nutrients and can serve as meal replacements if you’re hoping to lose some weight.

8. Delicious European-style Deli

Hungry for a quick but luxurious meal that you won’t find elsewhere, especially in the neighborhood fast food joints? Come and visit our European-style deli, where we serve food choices like crackers, cheeses, caviar, fine meats, and more. There are many options to choose from, all sourced from more than 25 different countries. Even if you’re the adventurous but picky eater, you’re sure to find something to suit your fancy.

9. Fresh salads

If you’re hoping to switch to a healthier diet, come and visit our salad bar. We offer a variety of salads made using the freshest fruits and vegetables to suit your taste. Every ingredient, whether sourced locally or internationally, is carefully scrutinized so that you will be served only the best.

10. Coffee and Gelato

Dropping by before heading to work, or before going home to pull an all-nighter? Avail of our brewed coffee and coffee-based drinks to help you stay up and alert. We also have home-made gelato for your sweet cravings.

11. International favorites

At Fresh Farms, we offer our customers more than just the usual options. We offer an abundance of products we have sourced from countries around the world—from nations in Asia, Africa, Europe, the Middle East, and Central & South America. With our huge selection of international offerings, you are sure to find something that piques your curiosity, and guaranteed to satisfy your palate.

But Wait, There’s More

When you visit Fresh Farms, you are given access to a huge selection of products that families have loved for generations. You’ll find trusted brands across our shelves, standing beside new names that are worth trying out. All of these are guaranteed fresh and of good quality, and are designed to satisfy your needs.

With every purchase that you make at Fresh Farms, also you contribute to the livelihood of many people involved in the process: from the people who prepare the products locally and internationally, to the workers who make sure that our branches are ready to serve your needs on a daily basis. You become a part of what we want to bring our customers: a culturally diverse and inclusive culinary experience. You also enjoy selecting from many healthy food ideas for the family. Come visit any of our branches, located at 20 S. Milwaukee Ave., 2626 W. Devon Ave., 8203 W. Golf Rd., and 5740 W. Touhy Ave. to get all your international grocery needs.