Want to add exciting new flavors to your cooking without breaking the bank? We hear you. Importing those hard-to-find ingredients from abroad can get pricey.

In this handy guide, we’ll share insider tips to help you access authentic ingredients for your favorite Chinese, Indian, Thai, and Italian recipes. You’ll soon be whipping up restaurant-worthy dishes from around the world with specialty items shipped straight from the source countries.

Get ready to wow your family and friends with flavorful, budget-friendly meals they won’t soon forget.

Why Buy International Ingredients?

Cooking with authentic imported ingredients opens an exciting world of flavor potential right in your kitchen. From aromatic Chinese five-spice powder to tart Indian tamarind paste to nutty Peruvian quinoa grains, global pantry items enable home cooks like us to prepare beloved ethnic cuisine from cultures everywhere.

Beyond incubating creative fusion recipe ideas, here are some prime benefits of filling your shelves with international ingredients:

Experience True Authentic Taste Profiles

Regional delicacies rely on signature spice blends, herbs, oils, and sauces to achieve one-of-a-kind flavor. Source them straight from origins for authenticity.

Gain Access to Nutrient Diversity

Ingredients like turmeric, moringa, matcha and more contain concentrated vitamins, antioxidants, and anti-inflammatory compounds often rare in Western diets.

Save Money by Buying Bulk

When sourced ethically directly from small producers abroad, bulk buying fresh batches of spices, grains, and more cuts per ounce/pound prices dramatically.

Inspiration to Evolve Your Cooking

Experimenting with new flavors, textures, and aromas keeps cooking exciting, pushing us to innovate in the kitchen.

Finding the Best Prices

Accessing discounted international ingredients means exploring a diversity of sourcing channels before purchase:

Mainstream Market Chains

Surprisingly, chains like Walmart, Costco, and Kroger have increased imported staple offerings like beans, rice, sauces, and seasonings. Scout the “international aisle” on routine grocery trips to uncover deals.

Local International Grocery Stores

Skip the mainstream grocery stores and explore the wide selection of affordable imported foods at international supermarket chains in your area instead. Stores like us at Fresh Farms in Chicago, offer authentic global ingredients at surprisingly low costs.

As high-volume retailers specializing in imported goods, our international grocery chains have the purchasing power to buy inventory straight from sources overseas and pass substantial savings on to customers. Our global reach and variety allow you to shop for those hard-to-find Asian, Latino, European, and African ingredients to recreate ethnic recipes from around the world right in your kitchen.

So next time a recipe calls for an elusive Indian spice or rare Thai product, skip the tedious online search and set out on a flavor-hunting adventure at your local international market instead. The selection and savings will surprise you.

Bulk Buyer Groups

Gather a group of friends equally excited to cook international cuisine. Pool wholesale case purchases of non-perishables like grains or dried mushrooms to split batches across the group. Buying 25 bags of rice instead of 2 cuts per pound prices as much as 75%! Coordinate among members for distribution upon arrival.

Maximizing Shelf Life & Storage

Taking steps to store international ingredients correctly preserves freshness and quality the way producers intended in their native regions. Follow these guidelines:
  • Location- Designate cool, dark cupboard space exclusively for imported foods safe from light exposure or humidity damage.
  • Containers- Invest in airtight oxygen-blocking bins, jars, or Mylar bags to house bulk dry goods purchases well. Food boxes allow convenient accessing a few pounds/scoops while protecting the remainder of rice, quinoa, or flour from the air.
  • Refrigeration- Ingredients like oils, vinegar, sauces, and condiments often specify refrigerating after opening. Promptly decanting these into non-reactive containers to store chilled ensures longevity similar to origins.
  • Hermetic Sealing- For super delicate goods like Asian herbs or teas, vacuum seal portions in individual ziplock bags to prolong 1-2 extra weeks by removing oxygen. You can include silica gel bags to avoid moisture build-up, but make sure to keep them away from children.
  • Labeling– Mark all storage units with contents and purchase dates for easy inventory. Use the oldest ingredients first with each kitchen creation.
With the right storage methods, your precious imported finds retain their character for extended enjoyment in your ethnic cooking adventures.

Obscure & Hard-to-Find Ingredients

Even when tapping all our clever sourcing tricks, some exceptional ingredients remain daringly tough to secure. So what to do when a recipe calls for an uber-hard-to-find product?
  • Seek Out Specialty Importers- A few niche boutique food importers concentrate exclusively on scouring remote global regions to uncover hidden exotic edibles. Well-established outfits usually have access to 1000+ improbable ingredients from 200 countries. Although, expect to pay a premium for ultra-rare finds.
  • Leverage Chef Connections- Professional chefs often cultivate direct trade relationships with remote growers and food artisans while traveling. Befriend talented local chefs to uncover their importer Rolodex for ingredient trades inaccessible to consumers.
  • Join Obscure Ingredient Hunter Forums- Connect online with underground communities of rare food fanatics equally eager to source unlikely, hyper-specific ingredients.


While uncovering tips in this guide for accessing affordable international ingredients, you may be wondering where to find a consolidated marketplace with worldly offerings all in one place.

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