Working on a healthy diet is all about picking the right ingredients and consuming them in moderation. When it comes to juices, the same principle applies.

A review on fruit juice effects shows they are helpful when consumed following proper diet needs. So, you can easily incorporate them into your meals for extra fun and flavor.

While there are lots to choose from, here are some of the best healthy juices that offer excellent nutritional value.


You are most likely familiar with apple juice and have tried it in different ways, whether fresh or mixed. After all, it’s one of the most popular fruit drinks for a reason.

It’s a common option for supplying the body with vitamin C. It also contains several antioxidants that help manage cell damage and contribute to heart health.


Orange is one of the classic fruit juices, especially as a breakfast staple across different countries and cultures. It’s also easy to find and prepare, making it one of the best healthy juices to make.

You may know it for being high in vitamin C, but it has much more to offer. It contains antioxidants that fight cell damage and disease. At the same time, it can reduce inflammation and prevent kidney stones.


Grape juice is great on its own as a source of anthocyanins, which enhance brain function. It also supports heart and digestive health. But compared to other fruits, it contains more sugar and less fiber.


Generally, 100% cranberry juice is rich in potassium, vitamin C, and vitamin E. But one thing you want to know is its ability to improve digestive health. This is because of its antioxidants, allowing your body to steer clear of cell damage and other diseases.


Pomegranate rose in popularity due to its nutritional benefits and disease-fighting properties. A few to note include vitamin K for heart and bone health and anthocyanin, which gives it a rich red color while protecting the body from free radicals.


Besides the debate around whether it’s a fruit or vegetable, the tomato is also one of the best healthy juices for its lycopene content. According to a study, it can reduce the risk of heart disease by up to 13%.

Additionally, it’s high in vitamin C, allowing it to support iron absorption and improve skin health. Even so, many recommend choosing low-sodium tomato juice since it can contain high salt levels.


As a vegetable, beet juice naturally contains less sugar than fruits. Although it’s an uncommon choice, it offers a diverse range of benefits.

It includes protection against heart and chronic diseases, reduced inflammation and blood pressure, and better athletic performance. Evidence also suggests that it can support weight loss and management.

Green Juices

Green juices are usually a combination of different vegetables, such as kale, celery, cucumber, and carrot. Compared to one-ingredient options, these provide more benefits depending on the mix you choose. It can either boost immunity, improve gut health, or contribute to weight management.

It can come in various mixes, making it one of the best healthy juices to buy. Consider checking juice bars that allow you to pick the mix yourself. This way, you can decide whether you want pure green juice or add a fruit or two for some extra taste.

Consider the Best Healthy Juices for a Better Diet

Fresh juices have more to offer than they seem. While the best healthy juices add fun to your meal, they supply nutrients for better health and protection.

Once you understand the value of the basics, you can create a mix that fits your preferences and needs the best. This way, you can come up with the ultimate healthy drink for everything!