Frozen desserts aren’t only a one-time summer thing. They’re great even when you’re on the search for something sweet or easy to make at home!

Making ice cream can be done with simple ingredients and tools. It also gives you the freedom to control the ice cream’s sugar level, allowing you to turn it into a healthier version.

Here are a few ways to build the perfect homemade ice cream without machine access.

Using Whipped or Heavy Cream

One of the most popular ways to make homemade ice cream is using whipped or heavy cream. Note that this ingredient is non-negotiable since you will need its whipping properties.

You can use sweetened condensed milk to regulate the flavor without increasing the sugar content too much. Add vanilla extract if you’re going for the classic. but you can add other ingredients to the mix, like crushed cookies, syrups, or fresh fruits.

Once your mix is ready and whipped, move it to a closed container and pop it in the freezer until it hardens!

Try the Plastic Bag Technique

You might have heard about making ice cream in a plastic bag as a fun hack for kids. For this method, you use salt to lower the freezing point of ice. Through this, it absorbs the heat from the mixture, causing it to freeze.
Here’s how to do it:
  • Mix half-and-half cream, sugar or sweetener, and vanilla extract. Feel free to add other ingredients to make other flavors.
  • Put your mixture in a resealable bag, push the air out, and seal.
  • Take a bigger bag with crushed ice.
  • Pour salt into it and give it a little shake.
  • Place the bag with your mixture in and seal the bigger bag.
  • Shake the entire bag for a few minutes. Add more salt and ice if necessary.
You want to stop shaking once the mixture is creamy and smooth or until you achieve the texture you’re looking for. You can also move it to the fridge if you want to make it firmer.

Use a Mason Jar

If you want to make ice cream to-go or for a single serving, consider using a mason jar. You want to mix heavy cream, sugar or sweetener, salt, and vanilla extract.

Cap on the lid and shake the jar until you notice it thickens. Keep in mind that it will take a few minutes, usually around five to ten. Add any extra ingredients of your choice and freeze until firm!

Make Snow Ice Cream

Add a twist to your ice cream by making it with snow – and we don’t mean that literally. While some suggest using real snow, you want to use it only if you’re sure it’s clean. You want to have finely crushed ice for this to work.

For this, you can use regular milk mixed with sugar or sweetener and vanilla. If you want a different flavor, simply add it to the mix. To keep the consistency, stick to powders or syrups.

Take your crushed ice, pour over your mixture, and top it with whole ingredients to complete the treat. Be sure you work fast to keep your snow from melting before you can enjoy it.

Stay Cool with Homemade Ice Cream Without Machine Use

Making homemade ice cream without machine use can easily turn into a fun activity with your family or friends. The key is to have the best ingredients available, from the dairy to the produce. This way, you can create a recipe that feels just like store-bought options!